The Executive Forum had a presentation from Jan Stefanski on Wednesday, January 19th. 

Jan, a co-founder of Janus Consulting, has over 45 years of experience in the planning, design, and implementation of a variety of business solutions. He believes most organizations understand the importance of an aligned strategy, integrated work processes, and strong leadership with engaged teams and individuals. Yet, some organizations have veered off course or are striving for new heights and are looking for assistance.

He has creatively assisted clients in addressing the key issues in achieving their operational objectives or planning for the future. Jan "makes fuzzy things clear" by providing services focused on three areas: operational effectiveness (strategic planning, process mapping, and the associated change management); effectiveness of teams and individuals (coaching and training); and problem definition, analysis, and solutions generation (facilitation). Clients have stated his approach is pragmatic, systemic, and collaborative. Jan understands the need for measurable business results. They believe that his strength lies in the ability to explore, understand, and integrate the realities of their business, industry, and organizational setting, especially cross-functional initiatives. While many others may offer point solutions, Jan provides solutions that are holistic in nature by integrating people, processes, and technology. Clients draw upon his previous business experiences, learnings from previous consulting engagements, and his in-depth understanding of a wide range of tools and techniques to serve their most pressing needs. They value the knowledge transferred.

Jan consults with a wide range of industries, both domestic and international, from Fortune 50 companies to smaller organizations. They include pharmaceutical, chemical, oil, computer, automotive, education, telecommunications, financial services, law, healthcare insurance, newspaper, the Department of Defense, non-profits, academic and religious organizations.

Read Jan's presentation here.