Congressman Charlie Dent Addresses Area Business Leaders at Lehigh Valley Executive Forum Event

executive forum charlie dentThe Executive Forum of the Lehigh Valley hosted over 100 area business executives and owners today for a candid discussion with Congressman Charlie Dent (PA-15) on the broad range of issues affecting the region’s business and manufacturing communities.

Congressman Dent, a lifelong resident of the Lehigh Valley, shared some of the initiatives that he has been working on in Washington. Topics included a summary of his work as a subcommittee Chairman on the House Appropriations Committee and how those efforts resonate here in the Lehigh Valley, the adverse impact that regulatory burdens have had on employers and the broader economy, and the role that Congress has in shaping the future of healthcare policies.


Rep. Dent also spent over 45 minutes answering questions from the audience. Questions ranged from cyber security, to college debt, to the skills gap in the construction and manufacturing industries, to Dent’s thoughts on the upcoming elections and the landscape that will be facing the 115th Congress.

Questions were raised about the Congressman’s thoughts on rising healthcare costs. Congressman Dent emphasized his opinions on the failures of the Affordable Care Act that have resulted in increased plan premiums and deductibles, limited provider choices, and collapsing co-ops. He continued that such examples show the need for Congress to reexamine and reform the law.

The event wrapped up with a discussion about Dent’s thoughts on the biggest legislative items remaining in the so-called “lame duck” period, his hypothesis about election results, and how a new administration will be able to work with Congress to address pending issues like healthcare and tax reforms, infrastructure funding, and other issues affecting small businesses.